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Registry Information

Amy and Caleb are registered at Macy's and at Target.

Kitchen: Red & white
Bathroom: Light green & tan
Living room: Dark brown
Bedroom: Brown, red & tan

Note: As we will be flying to Utah following the Vancouver reception, we humbly request (at the risk of horrifying Miss Manners) that gifts in Vancouver be given in the form of gift card or cash. If you wish to give any other type of gift, please consider shipping it to the Fitzgerald home.

We are grateful for your understanding.

Shipping address:
1785 W. Maple St.
Mapleton, UT 84664

Directions to Reception Sites

The Mapleton, Utah reception
Friday, November 21st.

The White Church
31 W. Maple St.
Mapleton, Utah
7 - 9 p.m.

Here's a MAP

Coming from the north on I-15:

Take Springville exit #260 and turn left onto 400 S. (Walmart will be on your right after crossing the overpass). Continue on 400 S. until you reach Main Street in Springville.

Turn right and stay in the right-hand lane which will take you onto Hwy. 89 towards Mapleton.

Go approximately 2 miles until you see the Conoco Station on your left. Turn left at that intersection, which is Maple St. Travel approximately 1 mile to The White Church on the right-hand (south) side of the street.

Coming from BYU area:

Take 900 E. or 300 S. to Hwy. 89. Head south into Springville (becomes Main St.) and stay in right-hand lane,
which will take you onto Hwy. 89 towards Mapleton.

Go approximately 2 miles until you see the Conoco Station on your left. Turn left at that intersection, which is Maple St. Travel approximately 1 mile to The White Church on the right-hand (south) side of the street.

The Vancouver, Washington reception
Friday, November 28th.

McGillivray Chapel
13600 SE McGillivray Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98684
7:00 - 9:00 pm

Here's a MAP

About Amy

One thing you'll quickly discover about Amy, if you don't already know it, is that everything happens in a hurry. It was no surprise to her family that she went from being fairly unattached to engaged in a very short amount of time. That's Amy, and it all started before birth.

Amy Michelle entered the world in Oregon City, Oregon, on July 10, 1985 (about 16 hours later than Caleb!). She is the daughter of Mike and Cristi Fitzgerald, and the middle of three girls. She arrived nearly three weeks early and came within 20 minutes of her parents' arrival at the hospital. Amy's motto likely was (and still is), "If you're going to do something, then hurry up and get the job done!" Thankfully she also cares how the job is done, and usually does it quite well.

Clear back as a young preschooler, Cristi noticed that Amy had quite a different disposition than her more mellow older sister, Melissa. Cristi was known to remark, "This child was born with fire in her soul." Sometimes that was a good thing, and sometimes it sent her mom reaching for the phone, begging Grandma Cleo to come take over for awhile. She managed to behave like this with a rather impish grin on her face, and it was hard to discipline her at times. Once, around the age of three, Cristi was letting Amy know that she needed to make a change in choices, to which Amy vehemently replied with a stomp, "No way, Jose!" Of course Cristi didn't appreciate this kind of challenging remark, and Amy was sent to cool off, all the while Grandma Cleo was in the other room doing all she could to not bust out laughing. Feisty little thing, to be sure.

Amy grew up in West Linn, Oregon, attending Stafford and Willamette Primary Schools, Athey Creek Middle School, and West Linn High School. She dabbled in violin and piano, but by far her instrument of choice was her voice. She sang from a very early age, took years of voice lessons, and has been singing ever since. She started college at BYU in the fall of 2003 (and, much to her chagrin back then, her parents and younger sister, Aubrey, moved to Utah County at the same time) and sang in the Concert Choir for several years. She dreams of someday being a member of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and knowing her determination, she may just get that opportunity.

Amy took Spanish for many years, eventually spending several months in Spain in 2005, and living in foreign language housing at BYU for a term. In August of 2006 she was called to serve a Spanish speaking mission in New Jersey for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After serving for 18 months, she returned to BYU in March of 2008. She is pursuing a degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development with minors in Spanish and Music. She currently teaches Spanish part-time to brand new missionaries at the Missionary Training Center in Provo and loves it.

Amy is talented and a delight to be around. She cares deeply about the feelings of others and wants for everyone to be happy. She is committed to living her religion and sharing her testimony. She is excited to take this next step in her progression, and she's especially thankful to be doing it with the man she is head-over-heels-in-love-with, Caleb Scoville.

About Caleb

Caleb was also born three weeks early! His mom had been working at a bakery in Redmond, WA, and figured she had three weeks to sew while she waited for her first baby to make his appearance. Caleb had other plans. Caleb Scott Scoville was born in Bellevue, WA, at 4:28 a.m., just 4 ½ hours after Mom and Dad arrived at the hospital. He weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz.

When Caleb was 6 months old he moved with his parents to Vancouver, WA, and lived in a small apartment. Caleb was an early talker and recognized many letters at an early age. Fifteen months later, Caleb welcomed a sister, and four more siblings soon followed, making 4 boys and 2 girls in the family. Then ten months later Caleb moved with the family to his first house/home. He would live there for 15 ½ years.

Caleb was part of a co-op preschool with a friend across the street. He had an imaginary friend named "Tubbyseata". His parents would ask him how he knew something and he would say "I thinked it in my mind." He then attended Ellsworth Elementary School in Vancouver. While at Ellsworth he participated in the band program and played the trombone, and also took a few piano lessons from his mom. He started playing soccer at age eight and this would inspire him to participate in sports for many years to come. He attended Cascade Middle School where he would participate in basketball, wrestling and track. He enjoyed all three, but would go on to excel in running events.

Caleb began studying Spanish while attending Cascade Middle School. He later attended and graduated from Evergreen High School and during his years at Evergreen, he completed his Eagle Scout Award. For his Eagle project he secured funds and organized the building of two large wooden sets of locker/cabinets to be used at two homeless shelter locations. The cabinets are useful for locking up personal medications that the residents have and need.

Caleb was well liked by teachers, administrators and students, and he was the senior class treasurer. When Ms. Lockwood, the Senior class advisor, met Caleb, she said, "You must be one of those nice Mormon boys; you have that 'Mormon twinkle' in your eyes." Caleb had politely opened and held the door for Ms. Lockwood. He was self motivated to do well in his classes and worked hard to get good grades. He took Spanish classes all four years of high school. He also did very well in cross country and track and was part of a relay team at Track Regionals.

Caleb was one of the emcees at the Senior Awards Night and was very surprised when he learned he was the recipient of a scholarship given by his high school to future educators. Then after a late night graduation party, Caleb arose early the next morning with his family and headed for BYU in Provo. He would spend the next ten moths in Provo successfully completing his freshman year. Following his freshman year, he returned home and worked at two jobs to earn money for his mission. He worked as a Special Education Staff Assistant with students at Evergreen High School and also as an installer of sprinkler systems. Sprinkler system installation was hard work and all the funds from both jobs went towards serving a mission.

When Caleb's mission call arrived in the mailbox, he gathered the family around while he opened it. The letter said he would be serving the Lord for two years in Rosario, Argentina. Caleb's favorite assignment as a missionary was training other missionaries.

Five days after returning home from his mission, Caleb returned to BYU to not only continue working towards his Spanish Teaching major, but to look for his eternal companion. He worked for a short time with his cousin Joanali as a secretary at the Women's Research Center at BYU, becoming only the second male secretary in over ten years. After a few months, he was called to work at the MTC (where he had previously applied) teaching Spanish. He considered other jobs during the summer breaks where he could earn more money, but stayed at the MTC doing what he loves most, teaching Spanish. What a good decision that turned out to be as that was the time he met his future wife, Amy Fitzgerald, in the ward he had been attending all school year.

Once Caleb and Amy officially started dating it was only a short while later that they became engaged. Caleb brought Amy with him to his Grandpa Scoville's funeral in California where she met a large portion of the Scoville family, who all fell in love with her - almost as much as Caleb!

Boy Meets Girl

The moment that Caleb was asking his future
father-in-law for Amy's hand in marriage
(photo courtesy of stealth photographer,
Jeanmarie Andersen).

Once upon a time, along about last spring, Caleb was in the BYU 158th Ward. Winter Semester had ended and Spring classes had begun. A Family Home Evening group was gathered on the back deck of Chattham Towne condominiums, where Amy had recently taken up residence. Those that were in attendance formed a circle and everyone introduced themselves. When it was Amy's turn, her roommate Jeniel requested that Amy share where she was employed. Amy then said that she worked at the MTC, and this bit of information immediately caught the attention of the now intrigued Caleb.

Shortly they began to talk, and Caleb started to like Amy immediately. Amy thought, "Oh, he's kind of cute. But I probably won't be finding my husband in this ward."

After a few weeks of "friendshipping," Caleb asked Amy out on a date. They had lunch at the MTC, and Caleb said, "I have 10 questions for you." However, after the first three, he then said he didn't really have any more!

Shortly after that, Amy began a relationship with another young man. Caleb went on to pursue a relationship with another young lady, but after a period of time, neither of those relationships worked out (obviously!)

One day in July, Caleb went to the MTC cafeteria for lunch, and ended up sitting by a young man who, unbeknownst to Caleb at the time, was also pursuing Amy. After the discovery was made that they were both interested in the same girl, the young man said to Caleb, "May the best man win," to which Caleb replied, "Likewise!"

Then on the 10th of July, Amy and Caleb celebrated their shared 23rd birthday, where Caleb's band (A Thousand Paper Cranes) played outside. It was at this time that Caleb told Amy, "I used to like you a lot. But I don't feel the same way anymore. I like you, but I don't want to go on a million dates with you or anything." (What Caleb was trying to do was to not like Amy. He had already tried that many times and had failed—he just couldn't get over his desire to be with Amy.)

The following morning, Amy and her roommates left on a road trip for California to see her mission president's homecoming. They listened to Caleb's band on CD for nearly 6 of the 11 hours on the road.

Caleb decided that he couldn't live without Amy and that he just had to ask her out again. He had to do it. He had to satisfy the desire that was in his heart. He then expressed this to Amy over the phone when asking her out on a date. Amy responded, "Caleb, I have a lot of fun with you. I enjoy being with you, and I don't mind going on dates with you, but I need to make it clear that we're not on the same page about how we feel about each other. I don't think I see this going in the same direction as you do." Famous last words!

Caleb was heartbroken inside. He told Amy that he was excited that she would go out with him. For their date, they rode a tandem bicycle to Guru's Sandwich Shop in Provo. (Unfortunately, Amy was dealing with a bout of the flu, and felt quite nauseous the whole time.) Shortly thereafter, Caleb asked her out on another date, and knowing this could be a pivotal opportunity, wished to come up with an idea where they could have a ton of fun. He prayed about it, but still came up blank. What kept coming to his mind was, "Caleb, do what you like to do. Make a picnic, read children's books to each other, and go shopping for planners." He followed that impression and the date went very well. It was this encounter that Amy discovered several qualities that she didn't believe co-existed in any young man. And she began to fall in love and think that maybe she had been wrong and that this could actually go somewhere.

However, all of those feelings were squelched that night by a conversation in which Caleb was not very wise with the words he chose to say about his current dating status, which alluded to the fact that he was dating multiple girls. This did not make Amy feel very special (a word to the wise). Amy then expressed to Caleb that it would be best that they not go out together anymore.

That next morning (by now it's the first week of August), Amy left on another road trip, this time with her mother and sister to visit friends and family in Oregon. Throughout this short vacation, Amy missed Caleb, but was afraid to acknowledge her own feelings. When she returned home, Caleb stopped by that evening, just as Amy returned from a run. She was pleasantly surprised (albeit a bit embarrassed at her current physical state) to see him.

Amy and Caleb then enjoyed a self-disclosing conversation where Amy expressed her need for Caleb's friendship. They were interrupted by roommates and friends, and Amy was a bit disgruntled when she went to bed and hadn't finished this conversation. She texted him, and in the course of that exchange, agreed to go on a lunch date the following day. At the end of their time together, Caleb asked Amy on another date, and she replied that she'd have to get back to him.

Caleb then ran a 1/2 marathon and Amy came over to inquire about how it had gone. Shortly thereafter, on a Sunday evening, they had a serious conversation where Caleb expressed a lot of his feelings toward Amy. At the end of the conversation, Caleb requested a hug from Amy. It was at this point that Amy's heart broke because she was confused, and knew that this confusion was hurting Caleb. She went up and cried on her roommate's bed.

Amy then came to the conclusion that she wanted to get to know Caleb better, but the dates were causing anxiety. They then began their "unofficial courtship," which was pleasing to Caleb and confusing to Amy.

One day at Amy's new apartment, Amy asked Caleb, "What are your intentions with me?" Caleb responded with, "Would you like to know all of my intentions?" to which she replied in the affirmative. Caleb then said, "Well, I would like to start a serious relationship with you, be boyfriend and girlfriend, and if it's the Lord's intention, marry you." Amy's response was silence. She was dumbfounded. Caleb then planted a kiss upon her cheek, to which Amy returned the gesture. She then left for work.

A few day's later, in Caleb's apartment, Amy was letting Caleb know of her confusion and sadness about not being able to make a decision regarding the relationship and feel good about it. Amy said to Caleb, "Why are you so good to me?" Caleb responded, "Do you want to know why? Because I love you," and then, for the first time, held her hand.

Following that, Amy's confusion only increased. Caleb, wanting to move things forward, gave Amy a reasonable deadline to make a decision regarding the relationship (the commitment pattern!). Her parents, upon hearing this turn of events, thought that was a really great idea. However, before the deadline arrived, Amy made a decision. And before she was prepared to share with him the decision to break his heart, Caleb caught her unawares and asked, "What are you thinking?" Amy began to cry, and Caleb then correctly guessed the reason for her tears. She felt best about ending the relationship.

Caleb left on his bicycle, crying, and Amy sobbed to her mother on the phone. Over the next few days, Caleb's heart began to heal. However, Amy missed Caleb more and more. The following Sunday, she invited Caleb to dinner with her family, stating that she was giving her decision some reconsideration (and after they left, Amy's mother said to her husband, "I don't get her. What is there not to like about him?") They had agreed that she would give him her final decision that Tuesday evening, but Monday evening Caleb, who was experiencing a mix of anxiousness and feeling that the timing was right, asked Amy if she would be his girlfriend.

Amy's stomach dropped to her toes, but she said yes. Caleb was one happy Jose! By Wednesday morning, Amy had come to terms with her new status as Caleb's girlfriend, and by Friday, in a lighthearted but serious way, they were planning their wedding. (What?)

Two days later, on a Sunday afternoon, Caleb asked Mike for Amy's hand in marriage (pictured above). Mike said, "I give it to you without reluctance."

Several days later, Amy had a mid-week crisis, but shortly thereafter she received a powerful confirmation that she was making the right decision.

Two weeks from the day that they had become a "couple", Caleb officially proposed to Amy. She responded with "YES, YES, YES . . . !!!!" and he placed a ring upon her finger. They are one happy pair and have the blessing of their families as they join their lives together.

Future Plans

Amy and Caleb will set up house in Provo, attend BYU and work at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) teaching Spanish. And they'll live happily ever after . . . .

If you'd like their new address, please send an email request to cristifitz@gmail dot com.